SEIZMIC design is a small industrial design house in Chattanooga, TN. While employed full time, Michael Powers also takes on personal and professional design projects.

Originally from Chattanooga, Michael moved with his family to a farm in Morristown, TN where he enjoyed helping his family restore an 1850s farmhouse. The farm was also a great environment for learning to make things out of found materials which was an enormous influence on his love of upcycling. Michael also spent many summers planting and picking tobacco, loading straw bales into the barn and getting chased by cows.

But a love of cars made Michael want to be a designer rather than a farmer. He graduated from SCAD with a degree in industrial design by way of a graphic design degree from Chattanooga State. By the time he graduated, he realized there was a lot more to design than just cars. Since then, Michael has been designing furniture, lighting, jewelry, housewares, appliances and of course, cars.

He also tries to find as much time as possible to spend with his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters.

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