Details, Details – Ford F150

This being far and away the most popular image on my Facebook page, I am going to start with it.

What happened to all the cool little auto body details? The ones like a gas filler cap behind a tail light? Or… OK there have to be some others, I just can’t think of them right now. I was calling this “If SEIZMIC design had anything to do with it”, but I think I’m going to start calling it “Details, Details”. Way easier. In these posts I will seek to rectify, with Photoshop, what I consider to be glaringly obvious auto body styling oversights. Things that are so obviously out of whack they make me actually facepalm when I see them driving down the road… Actually, when they are in a parking lot. Facepalming while driving is just dangerous. So here we go; first installment:

Ford F150

Images via Motor Trend


So here we have the enduring Ford F150. Big, strong, rugged, what’s not to love right? While cool little body details might not exactly be the typical realm of proper trucks, This model has such nice, clean lines, there is one little detail that just strikes me as so completely obvious… Just so completely, insanely obvious… So utterly, bafflingly, well, just look:

2012-ford-f-150-logo handle

There, much better! Was that so hard? It would probably even SAVE Ford money. Now what’s not to love?

More to come!


Old Logos

I’ve done quite a few logos over the years. I’ll probably do a bunch more. I’m going to go ahead and dump a bunch of the better ones into this big logo post, but as they filter in, I’ll create new posts for those. So here they are, somewhat in chronological order. Enjoy!

CRFC Lion K-01

Chattanooga Rugby Football Club Hired me to design a new, eye-catching logo for their image revamp a couple years ago. Use of the logo is still being debated.

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